The museum Hembygdsmuseet

The buildings on the Museal area in Sundom
1. The farmer's cottage
The cottage was built on this place in the later part of the 18th century. It has had several owners and was inaugarated as a museum on the 12th of August 1962. The school teacher Ragnar Hagman gathered most of the objects in the 1950's. The museum is now owned by the town of Vaasa and administrated by Österbottens museum.
2. The outbuildings
The outbuildings include a stable, a barrow-shed, and a grain shed.
3. The grain shed
In the old days a shed would be situated away from the rest of the houses, so it could be rescued if a fire broke out.
4. The Hay Barn
The hay barn is a typical Osthrobothnian barn timbered of round logs with the walls sloping outwards towards the roof. There are different sizes of barns and this is a larger one.
5. The summer shack
This summer shack was built on the Långskär Island in the archipelago in the 1850's and rebuilt on the museum in 1993-94. Summer shacks were used as houses in the summer time for people seeing to the cattle, when the cattle were grazing on the islands and in the forests. Grazing in forests was forbidden in the 1950's in Finland.
6. The well
In old days it was important to have a well, and most commonly located in the front yard. The wells in Sundom were used until the end of the 1960's, when the village was integrated in the municipal water system. First the water came from Malax and later from the town of Vasa.
7. The windmill by the museum
This windmill has the traditional windmill architecture and was bought from Petalax or Molpe about 1850. It has had many names in accordance with the owners and the place where it stood. It was moved to its place opposite the museum in the 1950's and is now a wellknown mark for Sundom.
The reconstruction of the soldier's cottage is almost ready. It will look like a soldier's cottage from the 1800th century, but will also have modern cooking conveniencies.
In the spring of 1997 the fence in traditional style was built to surround the museum. In the same year the outdoor toilet was built, also in traditional style.

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