The Södersunds windmill

kvarnvinter.jpg- the "mademoiselle" by Söderfjärden

This windmill was constructed in the early years of the 19th century, when the Söderfjärden plain was still covered by water. The year 1809 is cut into the wood in the mill and is likely to be the year when it was built.

Mr Isak Jakobsson Schöring (1759-1833) was the farmer that owned the land where it was built. According to tradition, a sailor, Skata Johan, was the architect. He had sailed many years as the ship's carpenter and most likely also visited Holland, while the mill is built in the Dutch style.

This kind of a windmill is unique in Finland. The mill was used for about one hundred years for grinding meal and planing wood to small, slim pieces, used for covering roofs. The mill was not used after 1910 and was without wings until 1991, when the association Bygdeföreningen renovated it.

the "mademoiselle" by Söderfjärden

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