The Soldier’s cottage

The Soldier’s cottage N:r 132 of the Närpes company

The Soldier’s cottage was built in the 18th century at the fen Flaskares kärret, where the foundations still can be seen.
The site is very beautiful, surrounded by small hills and old trees. Diggings were made at the site in 1991 and 1992.
Researches has shown that cottage had been moved to the hamlet of Näset in Sundom, where it still was.

The Soldier’s cottage

The first Inspection of Soldier’s Cottage in 1752

The Cottage had inhabitants in the 18th century and soldier’s cottages were inspected according to the instruction from the Crown. Records show that the soldier Anders Öhman lived in the cottage in 1752. The cottage had a landing and one room and was surrounded by a shed, a fodder shelter, a cabbage field and a well (“watuhohl”).

The next inspection took place in 1785, when the ”number volonteer” Carl Gustav Herrlin lived in the cottage. The drummer Gustav Herrlin lived in the cottage at the inspections in 1791 and 1797 and he lived there until the war between Sweden and Russia in 1808-09.

The Rebuilding

The rebuilding started in 1997 by the association Sundom bygdeförening together with the Museum of Ostrobothnia.
The Cottage was opened to the public in the autumn of 2003. The leading principle in the rebuilding was to make the cottage look as much alike the original cottage as possible.
  • the old logs out of timber were used for the walls, bad logs were replaced
  • the windows were made smaller and the attic was removed
  • the open fireplace was built of brick with clay as in the 18th century and not with cement as nowadays. The baking oven has the style of the 18th century.
  • Broad floor deals were donated and the floor was scrubbed with soft soap.
  • Wall banks were built in the 18th style.
  • the ceiling boards were cleaned from old paints.
  • the walls were painted with distemper and coloured splashes.
  • the cottage is sparely furnished as the style of that time.
  • The outside of the cottage has boards to protect the logs. The roof is made of modern weatherproof material with an old-fashioned roof of birch-bark and wood on top of it.
  • The cottage has a landing, a larger room and a bedroom, which will have the equipment of a kitchen. In that way the cottage can be used e.g. for small meetings.
View from the inner of the cottage

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