What to see in Sundom


Söderfjärden + MeteoriaLogo.jpg

  • A unique meteorite  crater from a meteorite
    impact > 520 million years ago.
  • A cultivated landscape and farming area drained in the 1920's.
  • The most important resting and feeding place for cranes in Finland.
  • Seven reasons to visit Söderfjärden,
    click here


  • jberget infotavla.jpg
    The highest point of the village +50 m above sea level.
  • A magically rocky landscape with very old dwarfed pine trees, dramatic rocky formations, a giant's kettle, and an ancient shore area called the Devil's Field
  • The most ancient traces of human activity in the area of Vaasa to be found here. The findings originate from the late Stone Age about 4000 years ago
  • More about Öjberget and THE NATURE TRAIL AT ÖJBERGET in an information leaflet. Open here
  • A slalom slope with the highest point + 55 m above sea level, ski slopes and fitness tracks in a varied landscape and a fascinating trekking path containing various biotopes.
  • A tremendous view from the top of the slalom slope: the Söderfjärden plain, the village, the islands and the town of Vaasa.
  • The giant's kettle on Öjberget. Open here.

The archipelago

Kvarkens världsarv.jpg

  • Well-marked fairways for smaller boats crossing the stony bays and narrow straits.
  • A large area of islands and skerries with great variation in nature. The total shore line of the 100's of islands is more than 220 km, some pretty green on the inner islands and some very barren on the outer skerries in the Kvarken.
  • The outer islands are part of Kvarken World Heritage Site and shore protection areas and the Torgrund islands are Natura 2000 Network sites.
  • Bays turn shallow and low islands grow through the land-uprise, which rise 85 cm in every hundred years.
  • Island culture with fishing sites, remains of old summer shacks, about 1000 summer cottages, and the rental holiday cottages of Utterö and the Holiday Center of Saukkoranta.


More things to see:

  • 'Remains af a seasons' dwelling site from the Iron Age and 'Kattfäälin' and 'Hundfäälin' (holes) believed to be sacrificial sites (transl.: footprints of a cat and a dog), click here
  • The Södersund Windmill from 1809, click here
  • The village museum "Hembygdsmuseet", click here
  • The protected old forest area at Öjen (also a Natura 2000 Network site)
  • The giant's kettle on Öjberget and the 'Kukkosteinin' by the road Västersvägen, click here

• More: the stone marks of the different shore lines by the Markvägen road; 'Vilansteinin' (transl. Resting stone) by the road Västersvägen; Monument to the boat traffic between Vaasa and Näset; boat sheds at Näset, Västeröver and Kronvik; the vicarage, the old fishing sites on the islands Storsanden and Högbådan.

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